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Royal Naval Biography/Oughton, James

[Post-Captain of 1798.]

This officer was made a Lieutenant, Sept. 30, 1783; served as such on board the Queen of 98 guns, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral Gardner, in the memorable battle of June 1, 1794; and was appointed to the command of the Hector bomb, early in 1798. This vessel formed part of Sir Home Popham’s squadron at Ostend, in the spring of the same year. He afterwards commanded the Sphynx, Isis, Windsor Castle, and Leander, the three latter bearing the flag of the late Sir Andrew Mitchell, with whom he served at the capture of the Helder, in Aug. 1799, off Brest, and on the Halifax station. His post commission bears date May 15, 1799.

Agent.– ___ Mc. Inerheny, Esq.