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Royal Naval Biography/Parker, Hyde

[Post-Captain of 1807.]

Eldest son of the late Admiral Sir Hyde Parker, Knt. by Anne, daughter of John Palmer Boteler, of Henley, Esq., and grandson of the gallant veteran, whose obstinate contest with a Dutch squadron, off the Dogger Bank, and untimely end, have been noticed at pp. 175–177, of our first volume[1].

We first find the subject of this sketch serving on board the Narcissus frigate, commanded by Captain (now Vice-Admiral) Donnelly, who speaks highly of his conduct when employed in her boats, under the orders of Lieutenant John Thompson, at the destruction of about a dozen settees in Heires bay, July 11, 1804[2]. His commission as a Lieutenant bears date Sept. 24, in the same year; he was made a Commander Jan. 22, 1806; appointed to the Prometheus fireship, in April, 1807; and advanced to post-rank, Oct. 13, following.

From this period we lose sight of Captain Parker, until his appointment to the Tenedos frigate, April 15, 1812. During the remainder of the war he was very actively employed on the North American station, where he assisted at the capture of the U.S. ship President, in Jan. 1815[3].

Captain Parker’s last appointment was. Mar. 15, 1818, to the Iphigenia of 42 guns; in which ship he visited Quebec, and subsequently served on the Jamaica and Mediterranean stations. Whilst in the West Indies no less than 85 of his officers and men fell victims to the climate. He was put out of commission June 12, 1821.

This officer married, July 16, 1821, Caroline, youngest daughter of Sir Frederic Morton Eden, Bart.

Agents.– Messrs. Brine and Chards.

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