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Was a midshipman on board the Lion 64, Captain (now Sir Manley) Dixon; and one of the only two persona at all hurt in an action with four Spanish frigates, on the Mediterranean station, July 15th, 1798[1]. He obtained his first commission on the 6th of Sept. 1802; and subsequently served as flag-lieutenant to the above officer, by whom he was successively appointed to the command of a small corvette, borrowed from the Brazilian Government; to act as captain of la Ceres French frigate, captured on the South American station, and of the Aquilon 24; and to the pro-tempore command of the Albacore sloop, which he retained from April, 1814, until superseded on his return home, in July, 1815. His promotion to the rank of commander took place on the second day after his supercession.