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Royal Naval Biography/Patton, Charles

[Retired Captain.]

This officer was a Commander in 1781; obtained the rank of Post-Captain, May 30, 1795; and during the whole of the late war superintended the transport service at Portsmouth. He is the author of “An Attempt to establish the Basis of Freedom on simple and unerring Principles,” 8vo. published in 1793; and of “The Effects of Property upon Society and Government;” to which is added by his brother, the late Admiral Philip Patton, “An Historical Review of the Monarchy and Republic of Rome.” 8vo. 1797[1].

Residence.– Fareham, Hants.

  1. Admiral P. Patton died near Fareham, Hants, Dec. 31, 1815, aged 76 years. He was an officer highly esteemed and justly respected by all who knew him. His last employment afloat was as Commander-in-Chief in the Downs; and when Lord Durham presided over naval affairs, he held a seat at the Board of Admiralty. A few years before his decease he published “The Natural Defence of an Insular Empire earnestly recommended.” 4to.