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Royal Naval Biography/Payne, Charles Frederick

[Post-Captain of 1814.]

Received his first commission April 18, 1799; and was senior lieutenant of l’Immortalité frigate. Captain Edward C. R. Owen, at the bombardment of Dieppe and St. Valery-en-Caux, Sept. 14, 1803, from which period he served under the same excellent officer until promoted to the rank of commander, Dec. 26, 1806[1].

On the 26th Sept. 1809, Captain Payne was appointed to the Cretan brig, in which vessel he captured the Neptune Danish privateer, of 5 guns and 24 men, on the North Sea station, Oct. 28, 1810. His post commission bears date June 7, 1814.

Captain Payne subsequently commanded the St. Lawrence 102, bearing the broad pendant of Sir Edward Owen, at Kingston, on Lake Ontario. He married, in 1811, Miss Elizabeth Bryer, of Dorchester.

  1. See Vol II. Part I. pp. 126-134. – N.B. Lieutenant Payne had charge of one of the principal explosion vessels at the attack of the Boulougne flotilla, Oct. 2, 1801.