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Royal Naval Biography/Pearson, Charles


Was made a lieutenant on the 8th of Nov. 1808 ; and served as second of the Phoebe frigate. Captain James Hillyar, at the capture of the United States’ ship Essex, March 28th, 1814[1]. On this occasion, his gallant captain wrote to the Admiralty as follows:

“I have to lament the death of four of my brave companions, and with real sorrow I add, that my first lieutenant, William Ingram, is among the number; he fell early, and is a great loss to His Majesty’s service. * * * Our lists of wounded are small, and there is only one for whom I am under any anxiety. * * * * I feel it a pleasant duty to recommend to their lordships’ notice my now senior lieutenant, Pearson.”

The Essex, although much injured in her upper works, was not in such a state as to give the slightest cause of alarm respecting her ability to perform a voyage from the South Seas to Europe, with perfect safety. She was therefore placed under the command of Lieutenant Pearson, whom we find arriving at Plymouth, in company with the Phoebe, on the 13th Nov. following. His promotion to the rank of commander took place July 29th, 1814.

This officer is now employed in the coastguard service, to which he was appointed on the 6th July, 1830. He married, Jan. 3d, 1826, Maria, daughter of the late J. Sayers, of North Yarmouth, Esq.