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Royal Naval Biography/Pemberton, Henry Charles


Son of Dr. Christopher Robert Pemberton, physician extraordinary to his late Majesty George IV.

This officer served as midshipman in the Pomone frigate, Captain Robert Barrie; and was appointed acting lieutenant of the Hibernia 120, bearing the flag of Sir W. Sidney Smith, on the Mediterranean station, Oct. 26th, 1812. His first commission bears date Jan. 26th, 1813. We next find him, in Aug. 1813, joining the Glasgow frigate. Captain the Hon. Henry Duncan, in which ship he continued until paid off, Sept. 1st, 1815[1]. He was third lieutenant of the Minden 74, Captain William Paterson, at the battle of Algiers; after which he proceeded in the same ship (destined to receive the flag of Sir Richard King) to the East Indies; and from thence returned home, acting captain of the Melville 74, in Dec. 1817. He obtained the rank of commander, Jan. 20th, 1818; and married, Aug. 31st, 1822, Caroline Ann Augusta, daughter of the late Captain Nixon, a veteran army officer.