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Royal Naval Biography/Plumridge, James Hanway

[Post-Captain of 1822.]

Was made lieutenant, Aug. 20, 1806; and commanded the boats of the Melpomene frigate. Captain (afterwards Sir Peter) Parker, at the destruction of a Danish national cutter, and some merchant vessels, on the coast of Jutland, under a very heavy fire, by which six of his party were severely wounded, May 1, 1809[1]. During the latter part of the war with France, he served as first lieutenant of the Resistance frigate, Captain (now the Hon. Fleetwood B. R.) Pellew, on the Mediterranean station. His promotion to the rank of commander took place June 7, 1814; on which occasion he was appointed to the Wizard brig, of 16 guns.

Captain Plumridge’s subsequent appointments were, Nov. 18, 1814, to the Philomel 18; and Feb. 2, 1818, to the Sappho of similar force. In Aug. and Oct. 1820, he captured three American smugglers, on the Irish station, one of which had on board 400 bales of tobacco. His post commission bears date, Oct. 9, 1822. Mrs. Plumridge died July 31, 1827.

Agent.– J. Woodhead, Esq.