Royal Naval Biography/Poyntz, Stephen

Rear-Admiral of the White.

This officer is descended from the late Stephen Poyntz, of Midgeham House, co. Berks, Esq., whose daughter married John, first Earl Spencer, father of the present peer. He was a Lieutenant in 1791; afterwards commanded the Childers sloop; and obtained post rank in the Camilla, of 24 guns, Dec. 5, 1796. His next appointment was to the Solebay frigate, stationed in the West Indies, where he captured l’Egyptienne, of 18 guns, pierced for 44; le Goelan, of 16; la Sarier brig, of 12; and le Vengeur schooner, of 10 guns. These vessels were deeply laden with naval and military stores, from Rochefort, bound to St. Domingo. He also took several of the enemy’s privateers and merchantmen, the latter with valuable cargoes.

The Solebay returned to England in the autumn of 1800, and Captain Poyntz was soon after removed into the Beaulieu, of 40 guns, and employed on the coast of France during the remainder of the war. His next appointment was to the Melampus, another frigate, in which he captured two brigs, each carrying two long 24-pounders, one 18-pounder, and 50 men, mostly soldiers; and four luggers of one long 18-pounder and 25 men each, from Bourdeaux bound to Brest.

On the 13th July, 1805, he had the good fortune to intercept the Hydra, Spanish private ship of war, of 28 guns and 192 men, three of whom were killed and several wounded, before she surrendered, in the following year, he assisted at the capture, and was charged with the destruction of l’Impetueux, of 74 guns, off Cape Henry[1].

Captain Poyntz subsequently commanded the Edgar, a third rate, in the Baltic. He was advanced to the rank of Rear-Admiral, Aug. 12, 1819.

Our officer married, Oct. 8, 1802, Miss F. Brail, of Hambleton, Hants.