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Royal Naval Biography/Price, William


Obtained the rank of lieutenant in Jan. 1799; and was afterwards principally employed in the command of various cutters, gun-brigs, and revenue cruisers. On the 24th April 1805, being then in the Archer, and attached to the squadron off Boulogne, under Captain Robert Honyman, he witnessed the surrender of seven Gallo-Batavian schuyts, forming part of Napoleon’s invading flotilla, altogether mounting eight long 21-pounders, one 12, nine sixes, and one brass howitzer, having on board 174 officers and men. On the following morning, off Cape Grisnez, the Archer captured two gun-vessels, each mounting one long 24, and two 12-pounders.

Whilst in command of the Harpy revenue cruiser, since the peace, Lieutenant Price made several valuable seizures. He obtained the rank of commander July 19th, 1821.