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Royal Naval Biography/Randolph, Charles Grenville

[Post-Captain of 1827.]

Entered the royal navy, in 1806, as midshipman on board the Donegal 74, Captain (now Sir Pulteney) Malcolm, under whom he continued to serve for nearly five years, principally on the Channel station. In 1808, he witnessed the landing of the British army, under Sir Arthur Wellesley (now Duke of Wellington) on the shores of Portugal; and in Feb. 1809, the destruction of three French frigates, in the Sable d’Ollone; on which occasion the Donegal had seven men killed and wounded[1]: he was also present at the memorable attack made upon the enemy’s squadron in Aix Roads, April 11th, 1809[2]; and at the attempt made by Captain Malcolm to destroy two frigates, under the batteries of Cape La Hogue, in Nov. 1810[3]. We subsequently find him serving on board the San Josef 110, bearing the flag of Lord Keith, commander-in-chief of the Channel fleet. His first commission, whereby he was appointed a lieutenant of the Impetueux 78, flag-ship of Vice-Admiral (now Sir George) Martin, on the Lisbon station, bears date Aug. 14th, 1812.

Lieutenant Randolph’s next appointment was, May 13th, 1813, to the Eurotas frigate. Captain (now Sir John) Phillimore, whom he “ably assisted” in the gallant and hard-fought action between that ship and la Clorinde, of 44 guns, Feb. 25th, 1814. The official account, and some additional particulars, of this severe conflict, will be found in Suppl. Part I. pp. 245–249.

In consequence of the dangerous wounds received by Captain Phillimore, the Eurotas was afterwards commanded, pro tempore, by Captains Edmund S. P. Knox and Robert Bloye, and ultimately by Captain James Lillicrap, under whom Lieutenant Randolph continued to serve till promoted to the rank of commander, June 13th, 1815. On the 26th of Jan. 1819, he was appointed to the Pandora sloop, fitting out for the Irish station, which vessel he paid off in June, 1822. His commission as captain bears date April 20th, 1827.

This officer married, Nov. 19th, 1829, Juliana, daughter of Multon Lumbard, Esq.

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