Royal Naval Biography/Reeve, John


Was made a lieutenant on the 22d Feb. 1808; and subsequently served, for about three years, in the Prometheus sloop, under Captains Hercules Robinson and William B. Dashwood, on the Jamaica and Channel stations. We next find him in the flag-ship of Sir Edward Thornbrough, commander-in-chief at Portsmouth.

On the 7th Nov. 1818, after displaying great activity in favor of Captain Sir Murray Maxwell, at the recent Westminster election. Lieutenant Reeve was appointed to the command of the Starling cutter, which vessel he paid off, and re-commissioned, Oct. 14th, 1820. He afterwards served under Sir Murray Maxwell .and Captain Benjamin Clement, in the Briton and Shannon frigates, on the South American and West India stations. His promotion to the rank of commander took place on the 2d Feb. 1830.

This officer married, Sept. 8th, 1818, Miss Emma Caplin, of Charlton, co. Sussex.