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Royal Naval Biography/Rivett-Carnac, John


Entered the royal navy in 1810; obtained his first commission in Oct. 1818; and subsequently served as lieutenant of the Racehorse sloop, Captains the Hon. George P. Campbell and Charles Abbot, in the Mediterranean; Rochfort 80, flag-ship of Sir Graham Moore, commander-in-chief on that station; Galatea 42, Captain Sir Charles Sullivan, fitting out at Deptford; and Success 28, Captain James Stirling, employed in examining the western coast of New Holland, previous to the establishment of the colony at Swan River[1]. He was made a commander on the 30th April, 1827; appointed to the Wellesley 74, Captain Samuel Campbell Rowley, Sept. 21st, 1830; and paid off from that ship Jan. 21st, 1832.