Royal Naval Biography/Robinson, Mark

Vice-Admiral of the Red; and a Member of the Bath and West of England Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture, Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce.

This officer is, we believe, a son of the late Rear-Admiral of that name, who, when Captain of the Shrewsbury, lost a leg in the action off Cape Henry, Sept. 5, 1781[1]. He was made a Commander some time previous to the conclusion of the war with the colonies; and during the ensuing peace, commanded the Trimmer sloop. His post commission bears date Sept. 21, 1790; and at the commencement of hostilities with the French republic, he obtained the command of the Brilliant frigate, stationed in the North Sea, and afterwards employed at the reduction of Calvi, in Corsica[2]. He subsequently commanded the Arethusa of 38 guns, in Sir John B. Warren’s expedition against Quiberon[3].

In the summer of 1804, our officer was appointed to the Swiftsure of 74 guns; in which ship, after cruising for some time on the coast of Spain, he accompanied Lord Nelson to the West Indies in pursuit of the combined fleets of France and Spain[4]. He afterwards commanded the Royal Sovereign, a first rate, and the Gibraltar of 80 guns.

Captain Robinson was advanced to the rank of Rear-Admiral, April 28, 1808; and Vice-Admiral, Aug. 12, 1812. He married, Feb. 5, 1799, Mrs. Shirley, of Pulteney Street, Bath, who died at that place on the 12th Jan. 1811, aged 65 years.

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