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Royal Naval Biography/Rogers, Robert Henley

[Post-Captain of 1816.]

Is supposed to be descended from the Rev. John Rogers, Prebendary of St. Paul’s, who was burnt in Smithfield, Feb. 4, 1555, the first martyr in Queen Mary’s reign, and the precursor of other daring and noble spirits, who loved truth more than they feared the flames.

Captain Rogers is a son of the late Sir Frederick Lemon Rogers, Bart. M.P. for Plymouth; whose father was Commissioner of H.M. yard at Devonport.

He was born at Blachford house, near Plymouth, in Aug. 1783 ; and appears to have entered the naval service, as midshipman on board la Virginie frigate, Captain Anthony Hunt, in 1797. After leaving that ship, he successively served in the Suffolk 74, Victorious 74, and Orpheus 36, on the East India station. He was made lieutenant in Feb. 1803; promoted to the rank of commander, Feb. 1, 1812; appointed to the Dover troop-ship, July 30, 1814; and posted, Sept. 2, 1816. His eldest brother is the present Sir John Lemon Rogers; another is major of the 2d dragoon-guards; and his sisters are the widows of Colonel Templer, of the 10th dragoons, and the Rev. R. Strode, of Newnham Park, near Plymouth.

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