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Royal Naval Biography/Rye, Peter

[Post-Captain of 1812.]

Received his first commission Mar. 16, 1791; and was junior Lieutenant of the Crescent 36, Captain (now Sir James) Saumarez, at the capture of le Reunion French frigate, near Cherbourgh, Oct. 20, 1793[1]: his promotion to the rank of Commander took place in Jan. 1801, on which occasion he was appointed to the Rambler brig, of 14 guns, employed as a Channel cruiser.

On the 11th April, 1805, Captain Rye, then in the Providence hired armed brig, captured l’Honneur Dutch schooner, of 12 guns, with 1000 stand of arms, near Schelling. He obtained post rank Aug. 12, 1812.

Agent.– J. Woodhead, Esq.