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Royal Naval Biography/Sargent, William

[Post-Captain of 1819.]

Is a native of Durham, and we are told that he commenced his nautical life in the merchant service. He obtained the rank of lieutenant, Oct. 24, 1799; and was made commander, Dec. 4, 1813. In the following year he served as volunteer with Captain Edmund Palmer, who acknowledges having "derived the greatest assistance from his professional ability" during the action between the Hebrus and l’Etoile, which ended in the capture of the French frigate after an obstinate and sanguinary contest of two hours and a quarter.[1]

On the 18th May, 1814, Captain Sargent was appointed to the Cordelia brig, of 10 guns, in which vessel we find him present at the battle of Algiers: he subsequently commanded the Mutine sloop, on the Irish station. His promotion to post rank took place Aug. 12, 1819.

Agent.– J. Clementson, Esq.