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[Post-Captain of 1811.]

Was born in 1784; made a lieutenant in 1801; and advanced to the rank of commander Sept. 29, 1808. He commanded the Vimiera brig, and assisted at the capture of the islands of St. Martin’s, St. Eustatius, and Saba, in Feb. 1810[1].

His post commission bears date April 3, 1811; at which period we find him in the Thais of 20 guns.

Captain Scobell was subsequently sent to the African station, where he captured the American privateer brig Rambler, of 12 guns and 88 men. Mar. 31, 1813. The cause of his giving up the command of the Thais, in Jan. 1814, is stated at p. 497, of vol. II. part I.

In Aug. 1815, Captain Scobell was appointed to the Bann 20, but he never went to sea in that vessel. He married April 19, 1816, Rebecca Anne, only child of Richard Collins, of Brockhurst Lodge, Hants, Esq.; and died at Poltair, near Penzance, after repeated attacks of apoplexy, April 17, 1825.