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Royal Naval Biography/Shannon, Rodney

[Post-Captain of 1826.]

Is said to be related to the Earl of Bristol. He was made a lieutenant June 15th, 1810; appointed to the Briton frigate. Captain Sir Thomas Staines, Oct. 25th; 1813; and promoted to the rank of commander, June 13th, 1815. He subsequently commanded the Leveret and Trinculo sloops, on the St. Helena and Irish stations; and obtained his present rank, Aug. 3d, 1826.

Agents.– Sir F. M. Ommanney and Son.


(Vol. III. Part I. p. 284.)
[Captain of 1834.]

Is a protegé of the Marquis of Bristol, but not in any way related to that nobleman.

This officer entered the royal navy in Jan. 1801, as midshipman on board the Zephyr fire-brig, Captain Clotworthy Upton; and nearly perished in one of her boats, which was sunk by a shot, when in the act of going alongside the Amazon frigate, Captain Edward Riou, at the commencement of the celebrated battle of Copenhagen. After that tremendous conflict was over, he returned to the Zephyr, in which vessel he continued until the peace of Amiens. In 1804, Mr. Shannon entered the Royal Naval College at Portsmouth; and in 1807, joined the Sybille frigate, commanded by Captain Upton, on the Irish station. He was made a lieutenant into the Lightning sloop. Captain (now Sir Bentinck C.) Doyle, June 15th, 1810; &c. &c. as stated in Vol. III. Part I.