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Royal Naval Biography/Shaw, Charles

[Post-Captain of 1814.]

Second son of Sir John Gregory Shaw, Bart, by Theodosia Margaret, third daughter of John, second Lord Monson.

This officer was born Aug. 18, 1785; and promoted to the command of the Philomel brig, on the Mediterranean station, Sept. 26, 1811. In Aug. 1812, he ran a French privateer polacre on shore, near Valencia, where she was burnt by her crew to prevent him getting possession of her. His post commission bears date July 1, 1814.

Captain Shaw returned home in the Termagant 28, and was subsequently employed for a short time on the East Indian station. He married, April 13, 1822, Frances Ann, fourth daughter of Sir Henry Hawley, Bart.; and died at Pembury, co. Kent, May 2, 1829.