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Fourth son of the Right Hon. Sir John Sinclair, Bart., of Ulbster, co. Caithness, cashier of the excise in Scotland, LL.D., F.R. and A.S., &c. &c., by his second wife, Diana, youngest daughter of Alexander, first Lord MacDonald.

This officer was born on the 20th Sept. 1801; entered the royal navy in 1814; and obtained his first commission on the 22d Oct. 1823; previous to which he had acted as lieutenant of the Dauntless 24, Captain George C. Gambier, on her voyage home from the East India station. In April, 1826, he was presented with the honorary medallion of the Royal Humane Society; and, on the 22d July, 1830, advanced to the rank of commander. We lastly find him returning home from the Cape of Good Hope station, in command of the Jaseur sloop, Sept. 29th, 1832.