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Royal Naval Biography/Smyth, Spencer


Obtained his first commission on the 2d June, 1812; and subsequently served under the flag of Rear-Admiral (now Sir Philip C. H.) Durham, in the Bulwark and Venerable, third rates, on the North Sea Channel, and West India stations. In the latter ship, he assisted at the capture of a French letter of marque, with a valuable cargo, Dec. 1813; and two frigates of the largest class, Jan. 16th and 20th, 1814[1]. He was likewise present at the subjugation of Guadaloupe in 1815[2].

We next find Lieutenant Smyth in the Albion 74, Captain Richard Raggett, stationed as a guard-ship at Portsmouth, where he subsequently had charge of the semaphoric department. From thence he was removed to the Dartmouth frigate, Captain (now Sir Thomas) Fellowes, which ship formed part of the squadron under Sir Edward Codrington, at the battle of Navarin. On that occasion he was slightly wounded. He was advanced to his present rank, by commission dated Oct. 22d, 1827; and appointed an inspecting commander of the coast guard, Mar. 19th, 1833.