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Royal Naval Biography/Spence, Henry Hume

[Post-Captain of 1809.]

Nearly related to the late Rear-Admiral Thomas Lenox Frederick, of whom a memoir is given in the Naval Chronicle, Vol.37, pp. 265 et seq. and 353 et seq.

This officer received his first commission in 1797, and was senior Lieutenant of the London 98, at the capture of Rear-Admiral Linois[1]. His promotion to the rank of Commander took place May 28, 1806.

Towards the close of the same year. Captain Spence was appointed to the Pandora, a new 18-gun brig, in which vessel he captured l’Entreprenant, French privateer lugger of 16 guns and 53 men, under the batteries near Cape Grisnez, Jan. 13, 1808. His post commission bears date Aug. 24, 1809.

Captain Spence married, in 1807, the daughter of Mr. Charles Lowry, Purser, R.N.

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