Royal Naval Biography/Stiles, John

[Post-Captain of 1799.]

This officer was made a Lieutenant, Sept. 12, 1781; and served as such in the boats of the Windsor Castle, a second rate, at the destruction of the French ships and arsenal at Toulon, Oct. 18, 1793[1]. In the following year, we find him assisting at the reduction of Bastia[2]. He obtained the rank of Commander in 1797; and was posted from the Camelion sloop of war into the Theseus 74, on the Mediterranean station, June 14, 1799.

During part of the late war, Captain Stiles commanded the Alcmene frigate, and Adamant of 50 guns. In the latter ship he captured the Nostra Senora de los Dolores, of 30 guns and 315 men, May 6, 1806. Previous to his quitting the Adamant, he received a piece of plate, value 500 guineas, as a present from the Hon. East India Company, for his care and attention to two of their fleets which had been put under his protection. Mrs. Stiles died March 31, 1816.

Agents.– Messrs. Maude.