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Royal Naval Biography/Street, Benjamin


Obtained the rank of lieutenant in July, 1800; and distinguished himself on various occasions whilst commanding the Staunch gun-brig, off Isle Bourbon, in 1810. The following is an extract of an official letter from Captain (now Sir Josias) Rowley to Vice-Admiral Bertie, reporting the capture of la Venus French frigate, of 44 guns and 380 men:

“I think it my duty to mention the active zeal shewn by Captain Tomkinson, of the Otter, and Lieutenant Street, of the Staunch, both on the present service, and those on which we have lately been engaged[1]; the latter is an officer of long service, whose merits being well known to you, renders it unnecessary for me to recommend him to your notice.”

In Dec. 1810, Lieutenant Street received the public thanks of Major-General Abercromby, for his “indefatigable exertions” in landing the army under that officer’s command, near Port Louis, in the Isle of France[2]; and his conduct on this occasion was thus officially noticed in the naval despatches:

“Nor should I omit to bear testimony to the unwearied exertions of Lieutenant B. Street, commanding the government armed-ship Emma, who was employed for many successive nights in sounding, and, as it has been proved, gained a perfect knowledge of the anchorage on the enemy’s coast, and who was equally strenuous in his services, in various ways, on shore.

(Signed)Alb. Bertie.”

For these services. Lieutenant Street was promoted to the rank of commander, Mar. 4th, 1811.