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[Superannuated Rear-Admiral.]

During the Russian armament, in 1791, this officer commanded the Argo, a 44-gun ship, armed en flute, in North America. In 1793, he was appointed to the Dromedary, store-ship, and accompanied the expedition under Sir John Jervis and Sir Charles Grey, to the West Indies.

On the 8th Feb. 1794, whilst employed in covering the debarkation of the third brigade of the army on the side of Cas de Navires, in the island of Martinique, the Dromedary, venturing too near the battery on Point Negro, received a shot between wind and water, and a second through her upper works, which killed 1 man and wounded 4, among whom was Captain Tatham.

Our officer was promoted to the rank of Post-Captain, Nov. 4, 1794; employed on the Impress service, in 1798 and 1799; and obtained the superannuation of a Rear-Admiral, Dec. 7, 1813.

Residence.– Armitage, near Rugeley, Staffordshire.