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Royal Naval Biography/Taylor, Henry


Obtained the rank of lieutenant in Mar. 1806; and commanded the Olympia cutter, on the Cape of Good Mope station, during the operations against the island of Bourbon, in 1810. On his return from thence to England (having then on board the officers charged with the naval and military despatches, announcing the reduction of that colony; and also Captain Matthew Flinders, the celebrated navigator, who had recently been liberated from his confinement at Mauritius,) he captured the French brig Atalante, pierced for eighteen guns, two only mounted, with a valuable cargo, from Port Louis, bound to Bourdeaux.

In May, 1811, the Olympia was taken by the enemy, off Dieppe; and Lieutenant Taylor appears to have remained in captivity from that period until towards the close of the war: he was granted a pension for wounds, in Dec. 1813; and promoted to the rank of commander, June 15th, 1814.

This officer married, in 1814, Harriet, daughter of Mr. Robert Vazie, civil engineer.