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Royal Naval Biography/Thompson, Norborne

[Post-Captain of 1800.]

This officer was made a Lieutenant in 1790; commanded the Zebra sloop of war in 1795; and subsequently the Savage of 16 guns: the latter vessel formed part of Sir Home Popham’s squadron at Ostend, in May 1798. His post commission bears date Aug. 11, 1800. During the late war, we find him successively commanding the Foudroyant 80; Minotaur 74; Perlen frigate; Bombay and Aboukir, third rates. The former ship was employed blockading the coast of Portugal, in 1807[1]; the Perlen assisted at the reduction of Flushing, in 1809[2]; and the Aboukir at the capture of Genoa, in 1814[3].

Agent.– Harry Cook, Esq.