Royal Naval Biography/Thynne, Henry Frederick

[Post-Captain of 1822.]

Second son of Thomas, present Marquis of Bath, by the Hon. Isabella Byng, daughter of George, fourth Viscount Torrington.

This officer was born May 24, 1797; made lieutenant into the Tagus 42, Captain J. W. Deans Dundas, on the Mediterranean station, Nov. 27, 1817; appointed to the Active 46, Cap Sir James A. Gordon, Jan. 23, 1819; advanced to the rank of commander, June 7, 1821; posted into the Termagant 28, in the East Indies, July 30, 1822; and appointed to the Ranger 28, fitting at Chatham for the South American station, March 15, 1826.

Lord Henry Thynne married, April 19, 1830, Harriet, daughter of Alexander Baring, Esq. M.P. for Taunton.