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Was made a lieutenant in April, 1782; but we find no particular mention of him until Oct. 1797, when he commanded the Speedwell hired armed vessel, and captured two French privateers, les Amis and le Telemachus, in the British Channel. He subsequently, in company with the Valiant lugger, captured l’Espérance and le Speculateur, each of 14 guns, on the same station. In Feb. 1801, he engaged and beat off a Spanish flotilla, on which occasion the Speedwell had two men wounded.

In Feb. 1805, Lieutenant Tomlinson was appointed to the command of the Dexterous gun-brig. On the 11th of Sept. following, being then on the Gibraltar station, he fell in with eight Spanish heavily armed vessels, having under their protection a number of merchantmen, from Malaga bound to Algeziras. Notwithstanding the vast superiority of the enemy’s force, he not only captured seven of their charge, but also cut off and secured a gun-boat, mounting one long 24-pounder and one carronade, with a complement of thirty men.

This officer continued to command the Dexterous until promoted to his present rank, June 15th, 1814.