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Royal Naval Biography/Triscott, Richard Shepheard

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Appears to have been a follower of the late Admiral Viscount Exmouth, under whose flag he served as midshipman on board the Caledonia and Queen Charlotte, first rates, at the blockade of Toulon and battle of Algiers. His first commission bears date Sept. 5th, 1816. He was appointed to the Sapphire 26, Captain Henry Hart, fitting out for the West India station, Aug. 26th, 1818; and we subsequently find him senior lieutenant of the Alacrity sloop, Captain G. J. Hope Johnstone, employed in the Mediterranean. On the 9th April 1826, and following day, the boats of the Alacrity, commanded by Lieutenant Triscott, made two very gallant attacks on, and succeeded in destroying, three Greek piratical vessels, near the island of Ipsara. Lieutenant Triscott and three seamen were severely wounded on this occasion; and Lieutenant John Wheatley, second of the Alacrity, very dangerously burnt. Forty of the Greeks were killed, and seventy taken prisoners in a tower which protected the vessels.

This officer was advanced to his present rank on the 22d Feb. 1830; and appointed an inspecting commander of the coast guard in June, 1832. He married, in April, 1833, Eliza Jope, youngest daughter of R. J. Kinsman, Esq., of Falmouth, co. Cornwall.