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Royal Naval Biography/Turberville, Edmund


Is the son of a clergyman. He served as midshipman under Rear-Admiral the Hon. Michael De Courcy, in the Tonnant and Foudroyant, 80-gun ships, and was promoted from the latter into the Hyacinth sloop, at Brazil, Aug. 15th, 1810. His next appointment was, Sept. 10th, 1812, to the Mulgrave 74, Captain T. J. Maling, in which ship he continued until advanced to the rank of commander, June 15th, 1814. Some time previous to this he jumped overboard and saved a man, who had fallen from the forecastle of the Mulgrave, while she was working out of St. Helen’s, with a strong breeze from the southward. This officer married, June 3d, 1819, the only daughter of John Westear, of Creslow, co. Bucks, Esq.