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Royal Naval Biography/Vesey, Francis

[Post-Captain of 1799.]

This officer was made a Lieutenant in 1793; commanded l’Amaranthe of 14 guns, at the Leeward Islands in 1797; and captured le Vengeur, a French schooner letter of marque, mounting six 4-pounders, and laden, with flour, near Jamaica, April 13, 1799. This vessel, notwithstanding her vast inferiority, maintained a close action with l’Amaranthe for one hour and eight minutes, during which she had 14 men killed and 5 wounded out of her crew, including passengers, only 36 in number. The English brig had 1 man killed and 3 wounded.

Captain Vesey obtained post rank Sept. 16, 1799; and during the remainder of the war, commanded the Volage, on the Jamaica station. In 1804, we find him serving in the Brilliant of 28 guns; and previous to the peace of 1814, superintending the payment of ships at Portsmouth.

Agent.– Harry Cook, Esq.