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[Superannuated Rear-Admiral.]

If we mistake not, this officer was born in Portugal, and entered the naval service under the protection of Commodore Johnstone. After serving for some time as first Lieutenant of the Trusty, a 50-gun ship, bearing the broad pendant of Commodore Cosby, on the Mediterranean station, he was promoted to the rank of Commander, in the Kingsfisher sloop of war. During the Spanish armament, he commanded the Swan of 14 guns, stationed in the Channel. His post commission bears date Nov. 22, 1790. In the summer of 1793, we find him serving on board the flag-ship of Vice-Admiral J. Sanches de Britto, commander of the Portuguese squadron that came to England with Earl Howe; and in the following year, commanding the Mermaid, a 32-gun frigate, in which he proceeded to the West Indies.

On the 10th Oct. 1795, Captain Warre fell in with an armed ship and a brig, off Grenada; the latter pushed into a small bay and got a-ground; and the Mermaid, in the eagerness of pursuit, ran on shore close alongside her; the vessel was got off, and proved to be the Brutus, of 10 guns, belonging to the French republic; her crew, consisting of 50 men, together with 70 soldiers, intended to support the rebellion in Grenada, landed and escaped. Captain Warre chased the ship the whole of the next day, but lost sight of her in the night. On the 14th he again discovered, pursued, and after an action of half an hour, captured her. She proved to be the Republican, of 18 guns and 250 men (including troops), 20 of whom were killed, and several wounded. On board this vessel was a French General, proceeding to assume the command in Grenada. The Mermaid had 1 man slain, and 3 wounded.

Captain Warre subsequently commanded the Adamant of 50 guns; he was placed on the list of Superannuated RearAdmirals, Aug. 31, 1810.

Agent.– Thomas Stilwell, Esq.