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[Post-Captain of 1826.]

Was made a lieutenant into the Magnificent 74, Captain (now Vice-Admiral Sir Willoughby T.) Lake, Mar. 29th, 1815; appointed to the Myrmidon 20, Captain Robert Gambier, Dec. 27th, 1816; to the Liffey 50, Commodore Charles Grant, C.B., Nov. 22d, 1821; and to the .Jupiter 60, Captain David Dunn, Jan. 6th, 1824; promoted to the command of the Rifleman sloop, July 17th following; and advanced to the rank of captain, in the Jupiter, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral W. T. Lake, on the Halifax station, Dec. 2d, 1826. The Myrmidon and Liffey were employed in the Mediterranean and East Indies; and the Jupiter was paid off at Portsmouth, in Aug. 1827.

Captain Webb married, Dec. 19th in the latter year, Emily, daughter of the above mentioned flag-officer.

Agent.– John Chippendale, Esq.