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Royal Naval Biography/Weir, Henry

[Post-Captain of 1812.]

When a lieutenant, successively commanded the Phoenix hired lugger, Monkey and Ferreter gun-brigs, and Alban cutter. The Ferreter was captured in the river Ems, by seven Dutch gun-boats, after a severe night action, in which many of her crew were killed, Mar. 31, 1807. His appointment to the Alban took place about Nov. following, and he continued in her until promoted to the command of the Calypso, a fine 18-gun brig, June 28, 1810. On the 14th June, 1811, he captured a Danish privateer of 10 guns, and destroyed another of the same description, on the coast of Jutland. The gallant action for which he was advanced to post rank, (July 22, 1812), has been fully described at p. 33, et seq. Captain Weir’s last appointment was, Jan. 12, 1814, to the Thais of 20 guns, in which ship he served for some time on the East India station.

Agents.– Messrs. Stilwell.