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Royal Naval Biography/Whish, William George Hyndman


Passed his examination in Mar. 1816; and was made a lieutenant on the 16th Sept. following. We first find him serving on board the Impregnable 104, flagship of Viscount Exmouth, commander-in-chief at Plymouth, in Nov. 1818. His next appointment was, July 13th, 1821, to the Bustard sloop. Captain William George Martin, fitting out for the Jamaica station, where he continued in various vessels until promoted to the rank of commander, Nov. 11th, 1825.

This officer married, June 2d, 1828, Julia, second daughter of the late John Vivian, Esq., of Portland Place, London, and Claverton, co. Somerset, whose third daughter was united on the same day to Captain James Rattray, R.N.