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[Post-Captain of 1818.]

Was first lieutenant of the Volage 22, Captain Phipps Hornby, at the battle off Lissa, Mar. 13, 1811, and took rank as commander from the date of that brilliant action[1], He subsequently acted as captain of the Stag frigate, in a voyage to and from Lisbon. His next appointment was, Jan 1, 1813, to the Bermuda brig, of 10 guns, in which vessel he continued until June 1815. From Aug. following until the autumn of 1818, he commanded the Wasp of 18 guns, on the Mediterranean station. His post commission bears date Dec. 7, 1818.

Captain Wolrige married, in Oct. 1820, Caroline Susan, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Ridge, of Kilmiston, co. Hants. Esq. He has four brothers, all of whom are in his Majesty’s service; – viz. Thomas a post-captain of 1822; John, a brevet-major in the royal marines; Ambrose, a captain in the same corps, who distinguished himself at Algiers, as first lieutenant and adjutant of the artillery company; and Charles, a lieutenant in the navy, who displayed great gallantry while serving as such in the boats of the Quebec frigate, at the capture of four heavy gun-vessels, on the coast of East Friesland, Aug. 3, 1811, for which he was presented by his captain with the sword of one of the French commanders[2].

Agent.– J. Hinxman, Esq.

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