Royal Naval Biography/Woollcombe, Edward

[Post-Captain of 1808.]

Nephew to the late Vice-Admiral Sir Samuel Hood, K.B. Was made a Lieutenant in 1802, promoted to the rank of Commander, June 6, 1804; and posted into the Belleisle 80, flag-ship of Sir Alexander Cochrane, at the Leeward Islands, Sept. 29, 1808.

Captain Woollcombe commanded the Ulysses 44, at the reduction of Martinique, in 1809; and was subsequently appointed to the Circe 28, in which frigate he captured the Lovely Lass, American privateer schooner, of 5 guns and 60 men, near Jamaica, May 15, 1813.

This officer married, April 16, 1818, the only daughter of Alderman Walker, of Exeter; and died in that city, about Dec. 1824.