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Royal Naval Biography/Wriford, Samuel


Was a midshipman on board the Caesar 80, Captain Sir Richard J. Strachan, at the capture of four French line-of-battle ships, under Mons. Dumanoir le Pelley, Nov. 4th, 1805. He obtained the rank of lieutenant on the 22d of the same month; served as such in the Venerable 74, Captain Sir Home Popham, during the Walcheren expedition; and, subsequently, as first of the Pembroke 74, Captain James Brisbane, on the Channel and Mediterranean stations. The manner in which the latter ship was employed will be seen by reference to Vol. II. Part I. p. 409 et seq. This officer was advanced to his present rank on the 10th Oct. 1815. He married in June, 1822, Mary, second daughter of the late Mr. Peter Goodman Glubb, of Liskeard, co. Cornwall.