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Royal Naval Biography/Yates, Richard Augustus

[Post-Captain of 1827.]

Received his first commission in May, 1809; and most gallantly seconded Lieutenant (now Captain) Stephen Popham, in a successful attack upon la Jeune Louise, French schooner privateer, of 14 guns and 35 men, by the boats of the Quebec frigate, Captain C. S. J. Hawtayne, Nov. 8th, 1810[1]. We subsequently find him senior lieutenant of the Barrosa 36, Captain William Henry Shirreff, in which ship he served from Oct. 1812, till advanced to the command of the Amaranthe sloop, June 7th, 1814. His next appointment was, Jan, 4th, 1826, to the Espiegle of 18 guns, fitting out for the Jamaica station; from whence he returned home, passenger on board the Rattlesnake, in company with the Duke of Manchester and suite, Aug. 12th, 1827. His promotion to the rank of captain took place on the 12th of March preceding.

Agent.– T. Collier, Esq.