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Royal Naval Biography/Yelland, John

[Post-Captain of 1806.]

Received a Lieutenant’s commission, Mar. 13, 1783; and was promoted. to the rank of Commander for his gallant conduct as first Lieutenant of the Monarch 74, in the sanguinary battle off Copenhagen, April 2, 1801[1].

Captain Yelland commanded the Fury bomb, off Boulogne, in the spring of 1805; and attained post rank, Jan. 22, 1806. He has enjoyed the out-pension of Greenwich Hospital ever since Nov. 2, 1809.

Agents.– Messrs. Stilwell.

  1. See Vol. I. note at pp. 365–371. N.B. The Monarch’s Captain (James Robert Mosse) was killed in this combat, and her loss of men was greater than that of any other line-of-battle ship during the war.