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Royal Naval Biography/Yorke, Charles Philip

[Post-Captain of 1825.]

Eldest son of Admiral Sir Joseph Sydney Yorke, K.C.B. M.P. by his first wife, Elizabeth, daughter of James Rattray, of Atherstone, N.B , Esq.

This officer was born about April, 1799, and educated at the Royal Naval College, where he won the second mathematical prize. He was borne for a short time on the books of the Prince 98, flag-ship at Spithead; and we subsequently find him serving as midshipman on board the Sparrowhawk sloop, Leviathan 74, and Queen Charlotte 108; the latter ship bearing; the flag of Lord Exmouth, at the memorable battle of Algiers. His conduct on that occasion was highly commended by Captain Sir James Brisbane.

Mr. Yorke next joined the Leander 60, refitting for the flag of Sir David Milne, who entrusted him with the command of a small vessel employed in carrying despatches between Halifax and Bermuda; and afterwards ordered him to act as lieutenant of the Grasshopper sloop, which appointment he held from Dec. 27th, 1818, until April 11th, 1819. His first commission bears date Aug. 14th, in the latter year.

On the 29th of Oct. following. Lieutenant Yorke was appointed to the Phaeton 46, Captain William Augustus Montagu; in which ship he served, on the Halifax station, until made a commander, May 18th, 1822. In Aug. 1823, he commissioned the Alacrity brig of 10 guns, fitting out for the Mediterranean station, where he was actively employed in the suppression of piracy, and watching the motions of the Turco-Egyptian forces. He obtained the rank of captain, June 6th, 1825; returned home in the Diadem transport, Jan. 31, 1826; and was appointed to the Alligator 28 (now in the Mediterranean)) Dec. 21st, 1828.