Royal Naval Biography/Young, Thomas

[Post-Captain of 1816.]

Was born in Berkshire, in 1784. He entered the navy in Sept. 1795; and served) the whole of his time, as midshipman and lieutenant, under Sir Edward Thornbrough, in the Robust 74, Formidable 98, and various other ships. His first commission was signed in Oct. 1801; and his promotion to the rank of commander took place Nov. 5, 1806. From this period, he successively commanded the Curlew and Snake sloops, the Trent frigate, armed en flûte, bearing the flag of Sir Edward Thornbrough, and the Redwing brig, on the Downs, North Sea, Leith, Irish, Portsmouth, and Leeward Islands stations, until the conclusion of the war, in 1815. He obtained post rank Jan. 1, 1817. Captain Young married, first, in 1812, Mary, third daughter of the late Sir Edwin Jeynes, of Gloucester, and sister to Lady Thornbrough: secondly, to Anna Maria, daughter of the late Rev. C. Sturges, of St. Mary’s, Reading.