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Here I lie, my bowels sore,
Hosts of bugs advancing,
Yonder lights and romp and roar!
What's that sound? They're dancing!

At this instant, so she prated,
Stealthily she'd meet me:
Like a faithful dog I've waited,
Not a sign to greet me!

She promised, made the cross-sign, too.
Could her vows be hollow?
Or runs she after all that woo.
Like the goats I follow?

Whence your silken gown, my maid?
Ah, you'd fain be haughty,
Yet perchance you've proved a jade
With some satyr naughty!

Waiting long, the lovelorn wight
Is filled with rage and poison:
Even so on sultry night
Toadstools grow in foison.

Pinching sore, in devil's mood,
Love doth plague my crupper:
Truly I can eat no food:
Farewell, onion-supper!

Seaward sinks the moon away,
The stars are wan, and flare not:
Dawn approaches, gloomy, grey.
Let Death come! I care not!