Songs of Long Ago/Star-Spangled Banner

For works with similar titles, see The Star-Spangled Banner.

Star-Spangled Banner.

Francis Scott Key.

\relative c' { << \new Voice = "a" { \time 3/4 \key bes \major \partial 4 \autoBeamOff bes8 ~ bes bes4 d f bes2 d8 c bes4 d, e f2 f8 ~ f d'4. c8 bes4 a2 g8 a bes4 bes f d bes bes8 ~ bes bes4 d f bes2 d8 c bes4 d, e f2 f8 ~ f d'4. c8 bes4 a2 g8 a bes4 bes f d bes d'8 ~ d d4 d ees f2 ees8(d) c4 c d ees2 ees8 ~ ees d2 c8 bes a2 g8 a bes4 d, e f2\fermata f8^\markup { \caps Chorus. } ~ f bes4 bes bes8[a] g4 g g c ees8[d] c[bes] bes4(a\fermata) f8 f bes4 bes8[c] d[ees] f4(d) bes8 c d4. ees8 c4 bes2 \bar ".." } \new Lyrics \lyricmode { \set associatedVoice = #"a" \set stanza = #"1. " Oh,4 say, can you see,2 by8 the dawn’s4 ear -- ly light,2 What8 so proud4. -- ly8 we4 hailed2 at8 the twi4 -- light’s last gleam -- ing, Whose8 broad stripes4 and bright stars,2 thro’8 the per4 -- il -- ous fight,2 O’er8 the ram4. -- parts8 we4 watched,2 were8 so gal4 -- lant -- ly stream -- ing? And8 the rock4 -- ets’ red glare,2 the8 bombs burst4 -- ing in air,2 Gave4 proof2 thro’8 the night2 that8 our flag4 is still there.2 Oh,4 say, does that star -- span -- gled ban -- ner yet wave2 O’er8 the land4 of the free2 and8 the home4. of8 the4 brave.2 } \new Lyrics \lyricmode { \set associatedVoice = #"a" \set stanza = #"2. " On8 the shore4 dim -- ly seen2 thro’8 the mists4 of the deep,2 Where8 the foe’s4. haugh8 -- ty4 host2 in8 dread si4 -- lence re -- pos -- es, What8 is that4 which the breeze,2 o’er8 the tow4 -- er -- ing steep,2 As8 it fit4. -- ful8 -- ly4 blows,2 half8 con -- ceals,4 half dis -- clos -- es? Now8 it catch4 -- es the gleam2 of8 the morn4 -- ing’s first beam,2 In8 full glo2 -- ry8 re -- flect2 -- ed,8 now shines4 on the stream:2 ’Tis8 the star4 -- span -- gled ban -- ner; oh, long may it wave } \new Lyrics \lyricmode { \set associatedVoice = #"a" \set stanza = #"3. " And4 where is that band2 who8 so vaunt4 -- ing -- ly swore2 That8 the hav4. -- oc8 of4 war2 and8 the bat4 -- tle’s con -- fu -- sion, A home and a coun2 -- try8 should leave4 us no more?2 Their4 blood4. has8 washed4 out2 their8 foul foot4 -- steps’ po -- lu -- tion, No ref -- uge could save2 the4 hire -- ling and slave2 In8 full ter2 -- ror8 of flight,2 or8 the gloom4 of the grave:2 And8 the star4 -- span -- gled ban -- ner in tri -- umph doth wave } \new Lyrics \lyricmode { \set associatedVoice = #"a" \set stanza = #"4. " Oh,4 thus be it ev2 -- er8 when free4 -- men shall stand2 Be4 -- tween4. their8 loved4 home2 and8 wild war’s4 des -- o -- la -- tion; Blest8 with vict4 -- ’ry and peace,2 may8 this heav’n4 -- res -- cued land2 Praise8 the pow’r4. that8 hath4 made2 and8 pre -- served4 us a na -- tion! Then con -- quer we must,2 when8 our cause4 it is just,2 And4 this2 be8 our mot2 -- to:8 “In God4 is our trust!”2 And8 the star4 -- span -- gled ban -- ner in tri -- umph shall wave } >> }