Southern Historical Society Papers/Volume 07



Historical Society Papers.











Secretary Southern Historical Society.


Averasboro', N.C.:
General Wm. B. Taliaferro's Report of Battle 31
Captain Graham Daves' Correction 125
General Taliaferro's Letter of Explanation 195
Alleged Proclamation of Mr. Lincoln 95
Burning of Columbia:
General Wade Hampton's Letter to Hon. Reverdy Johnson 153
Captain James Wood Davidson's Review of Sherman 185
Colonel A. R. Chisholm's Letter on Orders of Hampton and Beauregard 249
Barbara Frietchie— Refutation of Whittier's Myth:
Letter from General J. A. Early 435
Letter from Mrs. Frietchie's Nephew 438
Correspondence of the Confederate State Department:
Letter from Mr. Benjamin to Mr. Holcombe 99
Letters from Mr. Holcombe to Mr. Benjamin 101
Mr. Benjamin to Mr. Holcombe 132
Mr. Holcombe to Mr. Benjamin 135
Honorable Jacob Thompson's Letters 137
Honorable R. M. T. Hunter's Instructions to Honorable J. M. Mason 234
Letters from Mr. Holcombe to Mr. Benjamin 293
Letters of Honorable C. C. Clay, Jr., to Mr. Benjamin 333
Address of General Fitzhugh Lee before Army of Northern Virginia Association 545
Campaign of 1864:
General William F. Perry's Reminiscences 49
Death of Major-General J. E. B. Stuart 107
Several Errors in the Previous Paper Corrected 140
Operations of the Second South Carolina Regiment Sketched. By Colonel William Wallace 128
General Harris' Report of an Incident in the Wilderness 131
General Hampton's Report of the Battle of Trevylian's Depot and Subsequent Operations 147
General Hampton's Report of the Engagement at Sappony Church 168
General John B. Gordon's Report of the Battle of Monocacy 173
Colonel J. Stoddard Johnston's Sketches of Breckinridge's Operations 257, 317, 385
Official Diary of the First Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, while Commanded by Lieutenant-General R. H. Anderson, from May 7th to October 18th 491, 503
Letter from General Wade Hampton to General John C. Breckinridge 291
General R. H. Anderson to General Early 291
General R. E. Lee to Secretary of War 292
The Captured Guns at Spotsylvania Courthouse—Letters from Major Page, Sergeant Green, General A. L. Long, and Colonel T. H. Carter 535, 540
Telegrams Concerning Operations Around Petersburg 345
General Longstreet's Report of Affair of October 27th 541
General Price's Report of Missouri Campaign of 1864 209
The Gettybsurg Campaign:
Address of General McLaws before the Georgia Historical Society 64
General B. D. Fry's Sketch of Pettigrew's Charge 91
Colonel J. R. Winston's Reply to Dr. McKim 94
Report of General Heth of the Affair at Falling Waters 196
Report of General Edward Johnson of the Capture of Winchester 200
Report of General John B. Gordon 241
Report of General Wade Hampton 245
Report of General Wilcox 280
Doctor McKim's Rejoinder to Colonel Winston 315
Report of General J. E. B. Stuart 401
Jackson's Valley Campaign of 1862:  
Address of Colonel William Allan before the Virginia Division, Army of Northern Virginia 1
Reminiscences of General T. T. Munford 523
Official Letters from General Jackson 531
General Garland's Report of the Battle of Seven Pines 113
Letters of General R. E. Lee to W. W. Corcoran, Esq. 152
Report of General John C. Breckinridge of Battle of Chickamauga 161
General Bragg's Proclamation on Entering Kentucky 172
Detailed Minutiæ of Soldier Life. By Private Carlton McCarthy 176
General Benning's Notes on the Final Campaign of April, 1865 193
Captain Ritter's Account of Operations of Section of Third Maryland Battery in Spring of 1863 247
General R. E. Lee's Preliminary Report of the Bristoe Campaign 250
Captain Page's Sketch of Career of the "Stonewall." 263
Confederate Losses During the War—Correspondence Between Dr. Joseph Jones and General S. Cooper 287
Colonel Chisholm's Corrections of Sherman's Memoirs 295
Battle of Hampton Roads—Reports of Secretary Mallory and of Commodore Buchanan 305
Battle of Farmington, Tennessee—Report of General Daniel Ruggles 230
Prison Experience. By Sergeant Wells, of South Carolina 324, 293, 487
Battle of Shiloh:  
Letter from General Ruggles 35
Report of General Rugeles 36
Letter from Colonel Bankhead 41
Letter from Captain Sandidge 43
Letter from Colonel S. S. Heard 44
Letter from Captain James C. Thrall 45
Letter from General Ruggles 47
Letter from Colonel J. Stoddard Johnston 47
Second Battle of Manassas. By Colonel R. M. Mayo 122
Foreign Recognition of the Confederary. By Honorable James Lyons 353
Our Fallen Heroes, Address by Honorable A. M. Kelley 373
Fort Pillow—Vindication of General Chalmers by a Federal Officer 439
Letter from General R. E. Lee 445
Meeting of Southern Historical Society at White Sulphur Springs:  
Remarks of General Maury 450
Forrest and his Campaigns—Address of General Chalmers 451
Last Telegrams of the Confederacy 127
Van Dorn's Operations Near Nashville in 1863. By Colonel Edward Dillon 144
Annual Meeting and Report of Southern Historical Society 586
Battle of Williamsburg:  
Narrative of Colonel Bratton, Sixth South Carolina Regiment 299
Reply of Colonel D. K. McRae to Colonel Bratton 360
Sketch of General R. Taylor. By General D. H. Maury 343
Battle of Taylor's Ridge—General Polk's Report 590
Operations in Trans-Mississippi Department in June, 1863:  
Report of General E. Kirby Smith 442
Report of General R. Taylor 443
Report and Letter of General R. Taylor 497
History of Lane's North Carolina Brigade. By General James H. Lane—No. 1. 513
Editorial Paragraphs 48, 111, 159, 205, 253, 303, 399, 349, 447, 495, 544, 592
Book Notices 111, 205, 255, 304, 399

This work was published before January 1, 1925, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.