Spirella Catalogue (1933)/134


Spirella Pads

Spirella Figure Training and Supporting Garments are designed anatomically to type slender, medium and stout. They are designed, through the shaping and placing of the sections, to work in unison with the muscles of the body, to conform to the bony structure and to afford the degree of control and support required from the standpoint of poise and the correction of pathological conditions which can be relieved by proper support.

Spirella Abdominal Belts and Corrective Figure Training Garments afford the necessary support both for the normal and irregular figures when not too extreme. The assistance of a pad is not necessary except where the atrophy of the fatty tissue and muscles is pronounced or in case of a sensitive scar following an operation or as an added impulse over a hernial opening.

On the opposite page are shown a group of Spirella Pads which are recommended for use as needed.

No. 2510—

A Ptosis Pad, beveled in thickness, to be used just above the pelvic arch when hip bones are so prominent or abdomen is so scant as to require the padding to get the full benefit of the control features in the garment.

No. 2500—

A Kidney Pad, to be used when prescribed by the physician for "floating" kidney. It should be placed on the front of the body to aid in holding the kidney back into position.

No. 2530—

A thin compress, to be used for protection in post-operative cases.

No. 2520—

A Hip or Back Pad for deformed conditions.

No. 2540—

A Bust Pad, to be used with a brassiere following operations.


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