Spirella Catalogue (1933)/76


1. Order Spirella Corsets by waist size, hip size and centre front below measurement, giving the client's actual measurements taken over the Fitting Garment. No deductions for lacing space should be made when ordering any Spirella Corset.

2. Smaller or larger hip sizes than listed in the Catalogue may be ordered by specializing.

3. Order Basic Features by name as given in the Catalogue.

4. When ordering changes from Catalogue measurements and construction indicate the changes required in the spaces provided on the Order Form. A list of changes which may be made in corsets is given in the Price List.

Note: Before specializing make sure that you have brought out the best possible lines of your client's figure by the careful adjustment of the Fitting Garment and that it is necessary to make the change.


The 781 and 785 Series—Hip Sizes

5. You will note that the range of hip sizes for these series does not include sizes 6 and 8 inches larger than the waist. If your client's hip measurement calls for one of these sizes select the next smaller hip size. The extra inch can be taken care of by spacing each of the three lacings just a bit wider.


6. In order to give the client the full benefit of the design a Spirella Corset must be adjusted and worn the Spirella Way.

"How to Put On Your Spirella Corset"

7. An illustrated leaflet is sent out with every Spirella Corset. It contains important instructions which apply to the adjustment of every Spirella Corset and illustrates the correct use of the various forms of lacing adjustment with arrows emphasizing the right position on the body.

8. Use this leaflet as your guide in teaching your client how to wear her garment. Emphasize her responsibility in adjusting it correctly each day.

Lacing Space in Spirella Corsets

9. There are four different forms of lacing adjustment in Spirella Corsets. In designing these garments a definite lacing space has been allowed for each form of adjustment as follows: (The lacing space in each instance is considered as a part of the size of the corset.)

For a Back-Laced Corset—2 inches at top, 2 inches at waist and 3 inches at hip

For a Front-Laced Corset—2 inches at top, 2 inches at waist and 1 inch at hip

For a Back and Partial Front-Laced Corset—2 inches at top, 2 inches at waist and 5 inches at hip

In adjusting these garments the back lacing is to be spaced about 2 inches at top, 2 inches at waist and 3 inches at hip; the partial front lacing about 1 inch on each side.

For a Combined Front and Back-Laced Corset—3 inches at top, 3 inches at waist and 3 inches at hip

In adjusting these garments both the front and back lacings are to be spaced about 1½ inches from top to bottom. It is not advisable to make the front spacing more than 1½ inches, but it may be slightly less.

10. The lacing in a Spirella Corset must be correctly adjusted EACH TIME IT IS PUT ON.