St. Nicholas/Volume 40/Number 6/Nightmare

nce I dreamed
Till I screamed
Out with fright;
And I fret
Even yet
In the night,
When I wake
With an ache
Or a pain,
For I seem
Just to dream
It again.

Heard a cow
Make a row
Like a hen,
And some frogs
Squeal like hogs
In a pen;
Saw a rat
And a cat
Eat a dog,
And a lamb
Eat a ham
And a frog.

Then a bear
Shouted, “Where
Is my meat?”
While his nose
Touched my toes
And my feet;
Then the claws
Of his paws
Clutched my head,
And a yell
Found me—well,
Out of bed.

Now at night
I recite
To myself,
When I spy
Any pie
On the shelf:
None for me,
No, siree,
Not a bite,—
Till I die,
No more pie
Late at night.”